Crystal Meth
What are common names for meth?
                   Some common names include: ice, crank, amp, blue belly, white cross, and crystal. There are hundreds of different names for crystal meth, but these are some of the most common ones.

What is crystal meth?
                   Crystal meth, also known as dextromethamphetamine, is a powerful psychoactive stimulant that is highly addictive.

 What is crystal meth made of?

                    Most methamphetamines are made through a process called redox. This process involves an oxidation reaction with either ephedrine or pseudoephedrine. The other ingredients in crystal meth include a variety of household cleaning products, over the counter medicines, and other chemicals. The process can be harmful due to the release of toxic gases from the combination of many dangerous substances.

What are the effects of crystal meth?

Methamphetamine has many immediate, long term, and psychological effects on the mind and the body. Immediate effects include: euphoric intensity, heightened senses, nausea, insomnia, sweating, loss of appetite, irritability, panic, and confusion. Long term effects include: severe and swift addiction, an easily raised tolerance which leads to stronger dosages, weight loss, tooth decay, "meth psychosis", and depression.

Crystal Meth Ingredients

Overdose Symptoms
How is crystal meth ingested?
Crystal meth, commonly abbreviated as just 'meth', usually comes in a crystallized form, and can be smoked through a glass pipe. Crystal meth can also be injected into the bloodstream with hypodermic needles, snorted, and in some cases crystal meth can be ingested through a suppository.

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