What are Percocet?

                     Percocet are pain killers designed to do exactly what their title says, they kill pain. Oxycodone is an active ingredient in Percocet, causing a major problem of drug abuse for this potentially helpful drug.

Are Percocet legal?

                    Yes, Percocet pills are legal, but they require a prescription. You cannot buy narcotic painkillers over the counter, and usually an appointment with a doctor is necessary before the idea of painkillers is even discussed. If used correctly, Percocet can prove to help many people out with pain, and potentially save many people from a world of grief.

What are common effects that derive from Percocet abuse?

                    The side effects from Percocet are mainly physical, thus creating a potential physical dependency for all people prescribed this medicine. These side effects include: slow heartbeats, fainting, confusion, convulsions, nausea, dry mouth, and blurred vision. It is very easy to overdose from Percocet abuse, and if it happens medical attention should be taken immediately or severe damage can be done to the user's body.

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When were Percocet made?

                Percocet were approved by the FDA in 1976, and they were produced by Endo Pharmaceuticals.

 Are Percocet addictive?

               Percocet have proven to be highly addictive. Each pill contains a concentrated level of Oxycodone, which is highly addictive and can create a feeling desired by some drug users. Percocet are a schedule II drug in the United States falling under the Controlled Substances Act.
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